Those MOMents

Hey guys.

Here I am sat at work thinking why am I here?

Is it just me who thinks like that or is it totally normal?

I leave my house to come to work on an evening my little boy is crying because he knows I’m leaving and I get here and whether I’m having a shit night or not I think why do I have to work I hate it so much, I wish I could be one of these stay at home mums that just cooks cleans and looks after the baby. I love my little family so much and miss them terribly when I’m at work. For example I’m working Christmas Eve night I’m supposed to be working 8-8am. Which is fine but I won’t be there when my little cherub Wakes. But luckily I’m able to start at 6pm and finish at 6am so I should just be getting home when he opens his eyes!

I sometimes wonder what I could do that I could earn money from home but there’s nothing that ever comes to mind. I’m not clever. I’m not very creative so I can’t make anything to sell like these fabulous mums! If you have any ideas feel free to let me know.. so why do we come to work. To earn money. All I have to remember is I don’t live to work. I work to live. I work so I can pay my way. I work so my son can have everything he wants. I work so we can live in a beautiful home. (Not yet but we’re working on it)

I’m a care assistant. Basically I work at a nursing home and I look after older/dementia patients. My job can be exceptional. It really can be. Some days I leave work and think “I love my job” other days I leave work and think “what a disaster” sometimes it’s the people I work with sometimes it’s the moods of my residents. But all in all I’m here for a reason.

I feel like when I was on maternity it really spoilt me because I LOVED every second of it. I’m not a lazy person but I enjoyed being at home! Roll on when I have another baby and can have another 9 months with a squishy newborn for cuddles every day!

I really love being a mum. I love the MOMents. I love the whole shbang of being a Mum. The firsts. The night feeds when you wonder whether this baby will ever sleep. The time that baby smiles at you for he first time and your so shocked your so happy that it makes it all worth it.

All you working mums I salute you!

All you stay at home mums that wish they didn’t have to stay at home all the time. I salute you!


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Em xx

One thought on “Those MOMents

  1. I can relate to hating work as well, lol. I was a stay at home mum with my daughter and when she started school I started back to work. Now I’m pregnant with my second and I’m really hoping I can have that opportunity again. It truly was amazing. And I also m always thinking of things I can do from home and just like you, hardly anything comes up.


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