Mummy diaries.

Hi guys.
I thought I’d give you all an update. Alfie’s now 1 and a bit years old we now have our own house. We have a dog. And a pretty manic life.
So Alfie turned 1 in August. I work full time nights! Hard but the only option really, we have our own home. A terraced. Attic room, cellar, 3 bedrooms. It’s small and perfect for us and we absolutely love it. Is it right to love your own home as much as I do? I’m so proud of us for doing this ourselves. I’m currently sat watching our little boy try and take off and put on baubles on our Christmas tree. That’s right guys it’s christmas next week!! Like where has the year gone?! We currently have 2 electric fires in our house. Beginning of January we are having one of them taken out and a log burner put in so it should be lovely and toasty in our home soon!! Alfie’s first birthday was wonderful we went to a petting zoo (that’s what you do for a toddlers birthday apparently) now.. Alfie’s 16 months old Alfie learnt to walk. A week ago! GO ALFIE! Why couldn’t it have been the week before when it had snowed!? He’s just got over a pretty bad chest and ear infection which was horrendous the vomiting the crying the sleepless nights! We physically couldn’t cope. And yet we want another very soon. Our house is decorated up for Christmas along with our festive spirits! We’ve been getting Christmas present a since the sales in June! Brilliant though as January was a simple month of just buying stocking fillers. I mean my partners family don’t start buying presents till December like what on earth!
I’m adapting to being a mother, a house wife and a full time working Mum.
I usually work Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday so tha that’s means I barely get to see my other half when he finishes work.i have to spend the day looking after our little boy running errands preparing tea, I mean tonight we’re hvaing fajitas I prepared that a couple of hours ago as our little boy was happy playing at the time where as now he’s being very clingy so I wouldn’t have had chance. In a short while I’m going to give him a bath so joe doesn’t have to do it when he gets home. Joes evenings consist of, coming home, having tea, having Alfie till he has a bottle and goes to bed at 7:30 pm and then washes up after tea, and then makes his lunch for the day after.. he does a lot considering he works full time and very hard!!
I wouldn’t be Babel to do it without him. But there again we wouldn’t be buying our beautiful home without each other!
Short update and will do another blog once I’m at work etc.
Instagram; @emrussell95
See you soon lovelies.


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