Alfred’s Christmas Eve box.

Hey guys. So I did a poll on instagram to see whether you wanted a blog on Alfie’s Christmas Eve box or Alfie’s nursery. The outcome was the Christmas Eve box so here if is!

The crate.

so I brought the crate from hobby craft I think it was around £8. I painted it with b&q’s own brand white antique chalk paint, I didn’t buy it especially for the crate I brought it previously to paint a chest of drawers I have which. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen it, I then ordered 2 stencils from eBay they was around £4 each. I also brought some cheap blue paint from eBay which was only a few pounds to do the stencils with, oh my how I didn’t expect painting a stencil to be so hard! But it was. The amount of times my partner had to sand it down and we had to try again was unbelievable, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s home made. It may as l look it!

The inside.

So. On the inside I put so much in. I kept on seeing things and thinking “that would be good for Alfie’s Christmas Eve box” and just kept on buying but the outcome was,

Santa Christmas blanket which was £9.99

I brought him a bauble for the tree and a Santa key from a seller on instagram @arlos_artsx you can choose to personalise the names and the glitter!

I then brought him a DVD which I think was from the range but I can’t seem to find it on the website it’s called peppa pig Santa’s grotto, I know he’ll love it and so will me and joe!

We also brought him some Georgey pig Pajamas which was £12 from matalan there lovely and fleecy which he can wear on Christmas Eve. He also got some thermal socks from there with treads on to help him walk.

I brought him some georgey pig slippers from Morrison’s whilst we was shopping, there so cute and I just know he’ll love them!

I got him some reindeer food and Santa’s milk bottle which was only a few pounds each from b&ms,

I brought him some twisty bath crayons from jtf which was only £4:99 and he loves the bath so I thought they would be perfect for him!

I thought it would be lovely for Alfie and me to make Santa some cookies I brought a mix out of wilko which was £5 and it comes with the cutter to make them into a certain shape! There are lots of different mixes which come with different shapes of cutters. Snowman cookie mix. We have this one.

The last thing I brought was some Paddington chocolate buttons from m&s which was only £2 and boy my son loves his chocolate.

That’s all. That’s everything I hope this has helped and I hope you enjoyed this blog as it was asked for by you guys. Leave comments, follow, and come on my Instagram page. Let me know what you want to see and I’ll listen!



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