taking your new baby out..

hey guys, so I jut wanted to do a blog which I wish I could have seen when I first had my little boy because when he was new-born the only blogs on what to take with you when you first start taking your new baby out was American, I’m not from America I’m from the U.K, so things are slightly different around here then sunny America!


I’m just going to put that picture there so you can see the basics of what I like to take out with me and my little boy, and these are all my favourites I’m going to list them with the prices below.

  • hi fi bars, the after 8 ones they’re from slimming world, which my mom buys for me.
  • a drink, because when I go out pushing the pram I find that I get quite thirsty, and I know that if you are breast feeding you are supposed to keep as hydrated as possible!
  • a bib for when feeding your little one.
  • a muslin cloth for those little sicky accidents. From “the tye dye emporium” on Instagram.
  • a change of clothes, I usually just go for a clean vest and sleep suit, both of mine are from next and the vests are £8.50 for a pack of four and the vest was around £12.
  • wipes, I buy the 12 pack of little angels wipes as they are the best value and seem to be the best on my little ones skin as they are unscented and sensitive for babies bum! for a box of 12 pack wipes there £7.90
  • I also buy the little angels nappies which are 3 packs of nappies for £10 I used to use the mamia nappies and I absolutely swore by them but as they got bigger they seemed to turn more plastic like and not very nice.
  • I take a woolly hat with me because the weather can take a turn for the worst very quickly it was from FiFi’s boutique and it was £18.
  • I take a thermometer with me just in case he ever starts getting a temperature but the lady in the hospital told us right before we was discharged that its easier to warm a cold baby then it is to cool a hot one.
  • I take some aveeno cream just in case he starts getting a little bit of dribble rash its so good and it works for EVERYTHING it costs around £9.

this is the majority of the stuff I take out with me but I do take some extras for example I take bepanthem with me for Alfies bum, I take a toy in case he gets bored, I take spare dummies in case he drops one, and I also take bottles etc.

All of the products I have mentioned above are what works for US I’m not telling you what to do I’m not telling you what you should use because every baby Is different like my best friend cant stand the wipes I use and she uses the huggies ones, so you will test and try out the ones that you want and the ones you prefer, your baby will sure as hell tell you the things that he/she likes the best. if your pregnant DONT stress, you and your baby will learn together, you’ll be fine, believe me I never thought I could do it but I do, everyday. Going out isn’t so bad with a new baby once you’ve got the first couple of times out the way, once you can open the pram out blind folded, or once you can change a nappy with one hand! It all comes with experience, and your baby will cry. You will be sat somewhere pretty quiet and your baby will scream the place down. No-one thinks your a bad mother, no ones judging you, just get your shit together and be confident because at the end of the day your baby needs you. you know that mum you always see with her little baby but she is still oh so glamourous let me tell you some things about her, she’s wearing that hat because her hair is on day 5 of dry shampoo. She’s wearing that cute leather jacket to cover the sick stains on her t shirt underneath, and the make up? that’s to make her feel better about herself because she has been up all damn night. your doing great. Not all mums are scary because they look like they’ve got this shit.



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