Family weekends.

everyones favourite time of the week is more or less every weekend, but we love weekends that little bit more, because me and Alfie spend all week awaiting those 2 days that daddy pig isn’t at work, I’m constantly telling joe we need to stop wasting out weekends, because I always find that Monday comes and I think to my self “what did we do this weekend?” and the answer always is not a fat lot.

honestly, that’s great, we love having daddy around, we love just relaxing and doing bits and dabs with him. whether it means spending a couple of hours down at the garage but we don’t care! we have joe, that’s all we want, that’s all that keeps me sane.

What did we do this weekend?

we went to a dessert shop? boring to some.. soooo exciting for us, we are yet to find a decent dessert shop that doesn’t cost an absolute bomb because we are, shocking to some I know, skint. what did we have? a reeses milkshake and buttermilk pancakes with streaky bacon and syrup.

my brother cooked for us!? if you know me and you know my brother, its not very often he cooks for us.. but he did, It was brilliant, we went to his and his girlfriends house and had Philadelphia pasta, with pepperoni and onions and peppers, it was exactly what I needed. better yet we had a movie night also, we watched final destination 2..

so as you can well see, we have boring lives very boring indeed but we wouldn’t change our weekends!

I live to hear my little boy sit with his daddy smiling and playing! it is amazing being so deeply inlove with someone who you think is beautiful inside and out and having a little person who you love every little tiny inch of him to be making each other happy, making each other laugh and seeing there little faces smile and have two great big cheesy grins on their faces.

do I or do I not know how naughty these two are going to be when hes big enough to call the odds, but I’m so excited for it to all unravel infront of my eyes.

weve also decided that Alfie can sit up.. kind of, but he doesn’t want to, he CONSTANTLY wans to be on his feet, I’m going to have some amazing biceps by the time he is like 3. hes got used to taking steps now. no I’m not saying my 5 month old can walk because hes far from walking, I mean he hasn’t even rolled right over yet, but he loves thinking he is walking over to someone, he can also entertain himself for a while. when I say a while I mean roughly 6 minutes which gives me enough time to do some little bits for example, make the bed. oh to make the bed!

what have you guys been up to this weekend?

thanks for reading my very boring post!

em. x



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