Going cold turkey with Fred’s dummy. 

Hey guys. 

I know I haven’t posted in a while and I’m pretty sure that’s because life has just ran away with me and I can’t keep up sometimes but I noticed that even though I haven’t updated in a while there are still people reading my blogs and coming to my site. Which is great I love it! 

First of all I’m not going to make excuses as to why I haven’t posted but I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I’m used too. Since Alfie was around 7 weeks he slept through the night and when I say through the night I mean 7pm till 7-8! Which is brilliant but for maybe the past 6 weeks he’s been waking up around 4-5 times a night. We’ve spoken to doctors health visitors and no one could give me a plain reason. All they could say was I’m sure it will pass. Well 6 weeks on I was pulling my hair out!!! It doesn’t help that we’ve started weaning that we’re constantly going in and out! So anyway, one day when I actually got Alfie down for a nap I was reading up what some of the mums was saying on mums net..  I went through the whole maybe it’s sleep regression maybe he’s hungry etc etc etc but then I realised. When he wakes up in the night as soon as I give him his dummy back he drifts back off to sleep! So what does this mean? It means the dummy is the problem. So I took it away. Gone. No going back. 

Did it work? 

The same night he slept 7 till 4:30 I know that’s early and not like he used too but it’s better then up every couple of hours! 

He doesn’t have his dummy in the day either anymore. 

If your a mum and your struggling with babies sleep I would honestly say ROUTINE is key!!  I never believed it but we got Alfie into a bed time routine of 7;30-bath 8;00-book 8;15-bed. Roughly asleep by 8:30 and we have started to do the same with his day time naps! Babies enjoy routine believe me I mean when 7:30 comes and I begin to take him upstairs he squeaks with excitement!

Truth is everyone’s just winging it I promise! Just enjoy your little person and when there getting enough sleep and food there so so happy. 

Thanks for reading guys. 

Em xx


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