so I know I only did a blog yesterday I am quite awear of this, I’m not going around the bend or anything I promise..

But ive noticed so many girls having such low self confidence and being one of those girls myself previously I completely understand. if your a mum your body has been through a hell of a lot and what your left with? a body you no longer appreciate or like. suffered a bad break up.. you immediately think to yourself “whats wrong with me” girl nothing.

everyone and I mean EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way, it just takes some getting used to, new mums.. your bodies not ugly, its just not the same as before its different this is what you need to grow to love and and realise. That body of yours did a fuck load! excuse the expression, you carried a tiny weenie human in there for 9 months.. or longer.

honestly everything takes time, In my case I was a size 8-10.. I LOVED being that size, I wore crop tops I wore clothes that showed off my body. I got pregnant and grew up. I’m now roughly a size 12-14 and I don’t even mind. “you’ve got wide hips” yes because my body had to fit fred in there some how. “you’ve got a wobbly belly” and that is my mum tum. “you’ve got stretch marks” yeah I have on my belly on my thighs and also on my hips, but I carried my perfect little guy in there, and although my body may not look like it did before my body has done ALOT for me.

So you suffered a heavy breakup/ someones putting you down?

guess what, that means they have no self confidence, and when someone is saying something to you, girl do me a favour and remember everything they are saying they don’t like about you, they actually don’t like about them selves.

he broke up with you? its because he cant handle you, bye bye wimp.

I know this is a strange post but I really want girls/women to respect themselves and have some self confidence because whether you are big or small you are just the way someone intended. you are perfect to someone. That someone should be you.




before and after baby!


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