a 1940s christening.

hey guys and welcome back if your new you should check out my other posts if your a regular then thank you for being so loyal!

so I might just look like your average 21 year old.. I was almost going to say “teenager” then but I’m definitely not that!  which I am, I’m not some sort of murderer or anything I promise but I like the vintage things in life, the girly things and the old fashioned décor and styling. when it came to planning my sons christening everyone said to me “Tell us what you want and we will make it happen” so that’s exactly what I did, I was honest, I told them what I did and more importantly DIDNT want! and turns out it was PERFECT!

The bunting, the cakes, the table cloths, the fairy lights and even a chocolate fountain.


so I’m just going to go right in and explain what we did and how much bits and pieces cost and how we put them together to create the desired look ready guys?

we had a complete blank canvas of a room to fill with everything we wanted so when we first got into our venuse we put our tables up we had maybe 6 small tables and one larger table for a whole family to sit around, we then covered them with table cloths as the tables were very average and boring, and set out of vase of flowers, milk jug and sugar bowl and tea cups and saucers around every table and also a couple of tea lights on each! it looked stunning!


we then set up our guest book table, which instead of a guest book we had a big frame with lots of little hearts which family and friends wrote messages on for Alfie, and then they would be put within the frame as a keep sake for ever! this table was also our present table!


we filled the room with bunting, paper chains, pom poms, garlands and fairy lights so it looked absolutely magical! we also filled the room with balloons because what get together doesn’t have balloons!


everyone in my family helped with the food, we all made a cake and the morning of the christening saw me, joe my mum and my nan making finger sandwiches for the afternoon tea, we had a typical afternoon tea selection so the menu included,

  • ham and Dijon mustard
  • turkey and stuffing
  • egg and cress
  • cheese and tomato
  • salmon and cucumber!

we also had a wide range of cakes which unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures of, I made a reeses chocolate and peanut butter cake my one auntie made a carrot cake and my other auntie made a marshmellow tray bake, a lemon drizzle tray bake and also a Victoria sponge with fresh cream… the picture above is of the table set but without any food on!


we had some cupcakes to match with the christening cake which was absolutely stunning, of which my lovely mother brought for us pictures will follow!!

Its almost impossible for me to put a price on this day because not only I didn’t care how much it cost I just wanted it perfect, a lot of it was handmade and also gifts!

price list

  • food around £30 for all of the sandwiches the fillings etc
  • the bunting and pom poms was free because was made from items we already had to hand at home!
  • the table cloths.. all begged and borrowed
  • the china also borrowed!
  • the cake was just under £100 but it was a present!
  • the balloons came to around £30
  • the venue was free as my godmother runs it!

This post isn’t going to be to everybody’s taste! I wouldn’t expect it to be!

I’m sure there will be some people that thinks its terrible but I’m sharing it with you because it was my sons special day and it was perfect to me! I would also like to thank everyone that came and also everyone that helped, I hope you enjoyed yourself and I hope you had a lovely day!

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