Late christmas presents and Christenings..

hey guys and welcome if your not a regular here, definatly press the follow button, I just thought I would do an update whilst the little dude is a sleep.

So Alfie had his last lot of injections Tuesday and my have they took it out on him, he’s spent the last 2 days screaming his head off and not giving me a second of peace, but this is the first time in a few days he has started to feel better, its gotta be hard for him, hes had a ranging tempreture and been in pain, I understand that. weve had a lot going on that’s why I haven’t really done a proper update, as the title suggests weve received a few late christmas presents that other people have brought us and what I have also, and along with all this I have been trying to arrange alfies christening.

Why is Alfie getting christened, since you asked.. it is very important to me for him to get christened as all of my family was along with me and my older brother, its kind of a tradition, that I am not willing to break. this means me and joe had to choose under 4 people to be god parents which we have, they already know who they are, it also meant that weve had to go to church 3 times, which although I don’t mind and I kind of enjoy it since everyone is so lovely their joe hasn’t so much enjoyed, but we have powered through and Alfie has even came along with us.

The church has been booked since Alfie was about 4 weeks old he is now 4 and a half months, but after not being able to get the venue of my choice it put me on a back foot because I really didn’t know how to handle it, I have since arranged another venue which I am quite excited about, nothing fancy just a blank canvas that I can go and make my own. I like the vintage style and the pretties, joe, well he just leaves it to me, which is probably for the best, so I’m thinking, bunting, pom poms hanging from the ceiling, balloons and a tea party, finger sandwiches, cakes and teas and coffee! ah I know its a lot for one person but we have a very supportive family so I know that they will help along the way, ive got one of my aunties sorting the cakes, making the big pom poms and already made the bunting, I have my mum who will be serving tea and coffee and helping me on the morning making the sandwiches for everyone, and I have my other auntie who is so kind to let us use her china, tea cups and plates, the same auntie is also sorting fabric (she runs a fabric shop) I’m going to share with you some samples of fabric futher on I have a lady booked to do me big bunches of balloons and I know its no longer christmas but I am having 2 small christmas trees outside the door with some fairy lights on just to add some winter wonderland look.

So this was the organza I could choose from at my aunties shop, and the one on the left is the one I chose, it is just to put around the head table to make it look more “manly” or boy like haha, I don’t know how to explain so there you go, I love the fabric because its so glitzy and pretty, I cant wait to see what we can do with it. I am just going to have white table clothes on the tables, with mason jars with a few flowers in on each table, as you can tell I’m EXTREMLY excited!

Anyway that’s enough about little mans christening, today we received something in the post, I say we I mean my brother but I’m nosey and he told me to open it, and once I did out came 3 items one of which was a t-shirt and the other 2 was vests, they are slightly to big at the moment but I like the oversized t-shirt look on him, I will insert a picture, now if you know my brother you will understand why he brought him these clothes, it could have something to do with seeing him in a vest that says “my daddy drives an audi” that persuaded him to buy these for christmas. My do we love them! they are brilliant I doubt you even need to ask what car my brother has in the garage.

they also got the approval of Alfie as you can see, he looks so grown up in the picture on the right it physically makes me well up! I cant wait until Alfie is old enough to have a car and play with his car like daddy and his uncle James!

Thank you to Auntie Lauren and Uncle Jam! xx

Last but not least I say christmas presents but by that I mean late gifts from me to me!

I brought my self a bath bomb out of lush, it is called “Sakura bath bomb” and recently I have had a few bath bombs that have been less bomb like and more mush like, if that’s the sort of thing you like then that’s fine but I like my bath bombs to fizz and make a massive beautiful fragrance, it makes me enjoy my bath just that little bit more, so my first impressions of the bath bomb was that it was very pretty and really quite big, and also had a beautiful floral scent to it, and then when I put it in the bath it fizzed it fizzed and it fizzed from the moment I put it in till the moment it disintergrated it fizzed none stop! it was stunning, and I was so shocked at the strong lovely fragrance that it gave off! whilst in lush as it was 50% off I also decided to take the opportunity to buy some pretty soap, I haven’t had chance to use it though yet so I will update you when I have!

img_4232Another thing that I brought for myself that I was very impressed with was a Jeffree star Liquid Lipstick.. I think that’s what its called, so joe brought me a jeffree star lipstick for christmas which I absolutely loved, in the shade “beauty Pagent” so I decided to try the liquid too as I noticed on the Instagram page they had brought a few metallic colours out, since this brand is American and I refuse to buy from America since the import charges and the shipping is always ridiculous prices, I said to myself, if they have the shade I want on beauty bay I will order it, and they did!!! I ordered “dreamhouse” which is a metallic pink and it is so pigmented its really very nice. ive only ever brought one other thing from beauty bay which was my morphe pallet and I couldn’t quite remember how long it took to get here, so I ordered it on Tuesday selected standard shipping as it was free and it was here Wednesday morning, I mean how amazing is that! well done Beauty bay! I couldn’t believe it when it turned up! It was £16 with free postage. I will leave the link below.

img_4212I hope you enjoyed this post I will leave the links mentioned above down below, and I just want to say if you want to see more reviews maybe on morphe or jeffree star then comment down below.

thank you for reading, see you soon.

em xx

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