farewell 2016.

So I noticed on all forms of social media 2016 has been a bad year for a lot of people so I thought that I would lighten the mood with my blog.

This year has been by far my most favourite, most loved and most exciting year, even if we spent half of it awaiting our gorgeous little boy to arrive. This time last year off the top of my head I was around 6 weeks pregnant and me and Joe found ourselves saying “this time next year we will have our baby” even though I was certain I was having a girl I was more certain to the fact I was having a baby, a real life baby, of our own. our own family I marvelled at the fact 2 was going to become 3.


The beginning of the year was mainly trying to figure out how we was going to cope how we was going to tell all our family and friends and how we was going to afford this. but anyway skip to my 21st birthday which was July, joe treated me with a trip to London, I was heavily pregnant, public transport and trains was the last thing I ever wanted to be doing, but LONDON, I had never been and it was such a wonderful experience to be doing with my best friend and my soul mate, and technically I guess with our little boy. We spent the night and it was a hot couple of days in London especially when your 4 foot wide and wandering around London like a couple of lost puppies. Stopping for wee breaks a stitch breaks every 15 minutes probably got annoying for Joe but we got on with it. We walked down oxford street, we went on the London eye, we did almost everything that was tourist like.  We also went to visit the Harry Potter studios 1 word.. AMAZING.


I finished work to go on maternity leave which I thought was going to be all glowing and baby related, this wasn’t the case after the first couple of days I was bored and next time I have a baby I am going to stay at work as long as possible I think I left this time maybe 5 weeks before my due date.

my due date came… no baby.. like your late. where are you?

the day of my due date they told me to go for an appointment at the hospital to “see if we can get things going” by this they mean give you a sweep which also means put you in absolute agony so from being in agony for a good 15 mins they decide to tell me that a sweep isn’t going to work and baby was going to come any time soon and I would have to be induced, they booked my induction date and everyone was sure that was when it would start but no Alfie didn’t want to be messed with he would come at his own steam, that he did, I went into labour 2 days later and 20hours later, he was here in our arms.


we had our one year anniversary 2 days after that which we spent in the childrens hospital with our poorly little boy, and then spent the night apart, and not realising it was our anniversary until we was in bed, but then lieing in our hospital bed with our gorgeous little boy by my side, I had lots of thoughts running through my head, but one of many I thought was “this is happening” and “I’m so happy”  and “i cant wait to spend forever with this man and our lovely little human”.

We came home and Quite quickly got into the family routine, I mean Alf never left our side he came everywhere with us. I wouldn’t change that for world hes our sidekick.



October time, we found the house that we decided was the one we wanted, the one we wanted to raise our family in, (if its big enough) which we are still waiting to get the keys too.

Last but not least, we had our very first Christmas as a family of 3 we absolutely spoilt each other rotten, joe got everything he wanted Alfie got more then expected, and I got more than I could ever imagine.

So Thank You and Farewell 2016. Your going to be hard to beat.

2017 LETS DO THIS!!!!

Happy new year everyone! enjoy the celebrations, unless your like us, and tucked up in bed watching Harry Potter.

thank you for reading and lets get 2017 started.



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