Lamaze Toys!

Hey guys so as I promised, since it is now “after Christmas” I am going to do a product review on one of my now favourite toys for my little boy who if you didn’t already know is 4 months old, so he’s at that inquisitive age where if he could talk it would constantly be “mummy WHY?” he can now pick things up and reach out for things and found little ways to get exactly what he wants.

A lot of the toys I brought for Alfie at Christmas and what his grandparents also brought him was “Lamaze” I was kind of uneducated on Lamaze when my little boy was first born and his grandma brought him a Lamaze dog “pupsqueak” but since Alfie has been growing up I decided to find out about these toys. I came to the conclusion I LOVE them they are educational, and the colours and the noises are so good for little eyes and ears.

I’m going to share with you the Lamaze toys we have and tell you what I like/dislike them and show you what they look like and I will also share a link on where to buy them for the best price I guess. Because I’m a mum I understand that we haven’t all got lots of money to spend on toys.


This fella my friends is “pupsqueak” our first Lamaze toy which was brought for us before I had even given birth to little man and I absolutely love him, I’m not the only one as you can probably guess.

Not only has he got a squeaker in his body which he isn’t quite strong enough to squeeze at the moment but he also has wrinkly ears which almost sounds like foil being scrunched up, he also has a black and white bone that you may not be able to see so well in the picture and the black and white is very good for a babies eyes as they cant see great at such a young age, along with the noises I just listed he also has a bell in his paw. I love this toy but the one thing I regret doing with this toy is giving it to Alfie to sleep with, because even though he loves him so much and its all good fun in the days at night I find Alfie wakes up and plays for a little while sometimes, he doesn’t cry just kicks plays and then goes back to sleep. so cutting a long story short I thought ill let him have pupsqueak so when he woke up for his nightly play he found pupsqueak he was moving him around biting on him and playing with him, that bell. that bloody bell. I thought it would be the death of me, because alfies cot is in our room, if your anything like me any little noise that happens in my boys cot I’m straight up, you think I could sleep whilst he was playing with this toy NO. but on the upside alfie loves him, stroking him shaking him and biting his face is all fun and games.

You can find Pupsqueak here;


This is “sing and shine shelly” if you hadn’t already guessed she’s a snail. A lovely snail at that.

Where do I start with this little guy this is a brilliant night time or day time toy it has two settings on which you can select, each setting has a different song so obviously the day time setting is a happy upbeat song and the night time setting is more of a lullaby, it has a mirror on the front and you can press it and on the screen will appear different animals lit up and flashing, which is obviously the main attraction to this toy but not only that, its a big bulky toy which is easy for little hands to grab on too. It has lots of different colours running round the edges and underneath the snail which is very eye catching. it also has little ribbons attached around the mirror, which babies can pull on too which can also help a little persons hand, eye coordination.

the mirror is very good for a baby because a baby doesn’t recognise there own face to begin with they see themselves and just guess its another little person but it helps them to get to know there own face and there own features.

You can find sing and shine Shelly here;


Freddie the firefly. I brought this Alfie for Christmas and I think this is currently one of alfies most favourite toys, we now attach it to his car seat to play with on car journeys and to comfort him.

This toy is marvellous, so like pupsqueaks ears, his wings crinkle like foil, is also has all different colour wings, some of them have mirrors on some of them have different material wings.

It has two rings at the bottom which I want to say are teething rings, but they are very hard so I’m not sure if I would like him to be putting them into his mouth, but they do make a different sound when they bash together, it has a ring attached to his head which you can clip on to your pram or like us his car seat. as I described earlier he has ribbon attached to his head to play with, and to help develop hand/eye coordination.

Freddie can be found;–_-Boots%20Shopping%20-%20Category%20-%20Baby-_-10113006

img_41411PLOT TWIST. This is also Freddie the firefly, but as you can tell there is a big difference I’m not going to say much about this as there’s not much to say, this is a high chair toy it has a sucker attached to the bottom which you can tighten to make sure it cant move or come off the high chair, it can spin around, it has beads attached which a baby can play with and I just think its a good idea to get baby used to his or her high chair and make them know that its not an upsetting experience for a baby having meal times.

It has different materials amongst it, so you have some crinkly wings for a baby to play with, which are lots of different colours, there is a ball in the centre to spin around and play with, you have the teething kind of material so it is easy on babies gums.–_-Boots%20Shopping%20-%20Category%20-%20Toys-_-10206377

img_41401So for the life of me I CANNOT think what this little guys name is, its a clickety clackaty dragon who I love, heres the different part to the average Lamaze toys where the plastic attachment is so that you can put him on your pram, car seat etc, if you pull it his wings start flapping and make a clackety noise as you can tell by the name. Joe chose it, you could probably guess the nosiest thing in the shop had to be ours and I think joe likes it more than alfie does. he is multi coloured all over, with the black and white tail so that it is eye catching for a little human. His feet also make a noise, like foil. Also has a different texture on his belly. The only thing I dislike about this toy is that the wings are really stiff and I can imagine¬†something bad happening with a wing and an eye. Not because I’m a paranoid mother.

So that’s all for this evening, hope this was helpful or enjoyable for anyone whos reading.


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