Festive Season.

Hey guys so I thought id do an update over the “festive season” I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but I’ve been so busy with joe being off work and having Freddo growing and getting stronger and more filled up with a nasty cold. well my blogs are going to be much easier now too since Joe my wonderful fiancé brought me a laptop for Christmas.

So since it tis’ the season and all that, just to give you a little update into how our Christmas was/is you know. it was Alfie’s first Christmas, a 4 month old babies first Christmas and excuse the term but it was kick ass!! we had such an awesome few days and it was mine and joes second Christmas together and we absolutely spoilt each other, he asked for car parts and I didn’t really ask for anything but got loads, I got a shiny new laptop and his words to me when I saw it was “now you can do your blogs on their instead of your phone” which is very difficult as you could probably guess. I can also edit pictures on it and edit my youtube vlogs when I start those, haven’t started them yet I’m still waiting to move out because everything at the moment is in boxes in our spare room. Also when I start going to university it will make my life a hell of a lot easier!

We all got so much for Christmas honestly I cant wait to dig it all out and start doing reviews on some bits and pieces, Alfie got a lot of the educational toys called Lamaze, and over the past few weeks I’ve became a big fan of them so I cant wait to do a review on them, only ever made one mistake when it come to the Lamaze toy “pupsqueak” I put him next to Alfie in the cot so obviously when Alfie woke up he was throwing him all over the place in the cot shaking him and playing with him, this sounds fine, but when its got crinkly ears and a bell inside its not great, and if your a mom you’ll understand when I say every little noise in your babies cot WILL wake you up. For real.

I got some little bits of make up as stocking fillers, including a Jeffree star product which I will defiantly have to do a review on because I love it! love isn’t the right word! I adore it! its beautiful, I also got lots of bath bombs,some two faced make up which I also think its completely worth the money, (ive been putting off buying it because of how much it costs) we also both got a lot of stuff for our home, you know your getting old when you get excited about receiving a rug for Christmas.

Since the sales have already started I decided to take it upon myself to start doing some of our Christmas decoration buying for our own house, so I brought cards, Christmas lights, tree decorations, its all very exciting really, because I’m just envisioning my house decked up for the season next December.

so I’m going to have to cut this blog short as my lovely little boy has now woken up, see you guys soon, just remember my page as I’m going to have so many blogs going up doing reviews etc, so if you have children this is the place to be, even if your just a women because ill be doing make up reviews also, see you soon.

em xx



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