Superman’s been busy.


Hey guys, just thought I’d do a quick update on what we’ve been up too lately, because we don’t get up to much ever really, we’re just enjoying being together and waiting on our house to be ready.

So first the house. The valuer went in the other day we are yet to hear back from them at the moment but I’m not worried everything should be fine. Positive thoughts!

Me, joe and Alfie, what have we been doing so today and yesterday we went to get a Christmas tree one that was an absolute bargain at JTF 6ft but only 12 quid!! STEAL. haha but today we went to get another for joes parents house which was huge!

As alfie is constantly growing out of his sleep suit we brought some more. One of which was superman and the other was bat man! And another thing my clever little boy did yesterday was roll over for the first time from his front to his back it was so exciting! I’m such a sad mum but I was so excited about it. Today he has helped mummy putting up the Christmas decorations and decked the tree! He LOVES it. So many twinkly light it’s so enjoyable to him. But I can’t help but think I’m so happy because I wouldn’t want to change anything I’ve got my wonderful fiancé up a ladder putting the outside lights up and my little man strapped to my chest making the Christmas tree wonderfully bright and exciting.


Recently ive done nothing but think about when I first had my little man, even thought I had a horrendous Labour and birth I wouldn’t change it because when I held him and he looked me straight in the eyes all that went away.

Mom finally starting to feel more like myself starting to accept my body and begin to love it again my mum tum is still visible but I don’t care I still have a single stretch mark but it reminds me every day because of how blessed I am with my gorgeous little family!

Joe is working more then normal which I love the fact he’s earning money for our home but he’s been so tired and at the moment he’s living for getting into bed and curling up and going to sleep next to me. I’m so proud of him!

I have also started selling my candles which is really exciting because I love making them! I’ll leave the link below. Feel free to check them out!

We have also sorted all of our Christmas presents for everyone which I’m glad about so that’s a lot off my mind I have a Christmas meal this week and also Alfie has got his injections and joes not going to be there which I hate! Because I need my rock! But I’m sure me and little man will get through fine…

i cant help but feel emotional of the fact that Next year it will just be me joe and Alf in our own home I’m so excited. Anyway please follow,comment or you can get in touch with me on Facebook,twitter or email. Promise I’m a nice person.

Thanks again guys. Emily xx





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