it’s December!

img_3635Hey guys!

So today is the first of december. So what does that mean! It’s festive season!!! It’s nearly Christmas! Oh wow.

Its also my brothers 24th birthday but who cares when Christmas is on it’s way! Being a mum is so exciting when it comes to Christmas so Alfie has his own sack with his name on and so has joe! OH lord I get so excited about Christmas, Alfs got lots of Christmas outfits to wear, there’s parcels coming through the post every day for people’s presents. But this Mumma is well and truley VERY organised all of our Christmas presents are sorted for everyone. EVERYONE! Christmas cook books on the go the latest one is “Jamie olivers Christmas cook book” it’s so lovely and I love how he isn’t like a perfectionist he puts it on the plate and it’s done with. Brilliant. I have a 3 month old so that’s perfect.

Were collecting the Christmas tree this weekend from Mumma’s favourite shop Webbs! So we will be untangling lights and decorating the tree, and whilst we’re there we could quite possibly go and see the reindeer once again. We went ice skating on Tuesday which I think is a very Christmassy thing to do!!

The advent calendars are out. So daddy pig. Otherwise known as joe took into consideration last year that I don’t like advent calendar chocolate but I LOVE the idea of them so he brought me a Yankee candle calendar which is awesome it contains 23 tea lights and one slightly bigger candle for Christmas Eve. For joe I went for the very traditional thorntons named calendar with the word “daddy” wrote across the bottom.

Candles. So speaking of candles. So I know we wasn’t talking about them but now we are I’ve started making them. At the minute I’m just perfecting the candy cane candle which I love. I’m going to be selling them for £3 each and the p&p will be around £2;85. Exciting stuff! They smell so lovely and they are in these dainty little jars and if you’d like one get at me via Facebook, twitter or email.

Christmas markets  so last week we went to the Worcester market which was wonderful I’m maybe hoping to go to the Frankfurt market in Birmingham soon but not to sure as it’s so expensive!

My favourite thing about christmas time joe breaks up from work so it means we can do the typical Christmas things me Alfie and joe can cuddle up on the sofa and watch Christmas films with a hot chocolate. But the only thing I keep thinking is “this one next year we’ll be in our home!!”

Mans one last thing that you guys probably don’t care about but I do Alfie laughed for the first time this week!!! If you have me on Facebook you probably saw the video I posted! Milestones for days!

So anyway just a short one today but I hope you enjoyed it.

See you soon guys xx



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