A year from now? 

Hey guys, just wanted to write a little blog on what you get asked a lot more when your younger… what will you be doing a year from now. So I thought I’d give that a good go. 

So a year from now I should be back at work trying as hard as I can, training for my nvq level 3 to then go on to be a senior and then on to being a nurse.. a girl can dream. 

I hope me and joe are either married or close to being married. But still stronger then ever in our own home which we will probably still be decorating!

Alfie will be 1 and 3 months.. I hope he’s walking and talking being a little terror helping mummy put the decorations for Christmas up. 

All this is well and good but at one point I never thought I’d even get a family so now that I have I tell them I love them every day and never take them for granted because they are my everything and I wouldn’t be able to do without them anymore. 

You need to remember that no matter how far on in life “what will I be doing a year from now” because the most important thing is family. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything with them, make the effort. Do what we do and take a trip to IKEA. It chills us all out because Alf goes to sleep in his pram and joe enjoys looking around.  

Sorry it’s so short guys. After Christmas I will be doing a lot of hauls because currently when I buy things for the house for joe or for Alfie I’m either boxing them up to come to the new house or wrapping them so joe doesn’t find out what they are!! 

So if you want to see that let me know. Anything else you can let me know I don’t mind! 

Also now selling my candles at £3 gingerbread,candy cane and vanilla let me know and I can post them out. Handmade to order. 

Thanks for reading xxx

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