Trying to be supermum!

img_3235Doesn’t he look innocent.. but how often does he look like this? Not very. One minute he can be looking at me like I’m the best thing in the world.. the next he can be screaming at me like he hates me. So I’m a first time mum. I guess you could say I’m pretty young too, I’m 21.. Alfie is nearly 3 months old.

Let me start at the beginning when I was busy being a fat whale (pregnant) I read every single book in the world going and they all basically say the same thing. Babies cry when there “hungry, tired or need a new nappy” none of these books mentioned that he would cry for the sake of crying cry because he was bored, none of them said how devious babies were I mean when Alf is tired. I mean really tired by he’s doing that stupid “NO I WILL NOT SLEEP” protest that all babies seem to do at some stage.. he spits his dummy out them screams because he wants it back. Like why do that. Anyway. How I got to three months I’ll never know. Let me tell you just when you begin to give up hope and think to yourself “I’m a terrible mother” and also think “I can’t do this shit anymore” they do something cute like smile or laugh for the first time. And you then think “I must be doing something right.. you then think. I’ve got the hang of being a mummy you do what me and joe do and buy a house. They say that having a baby and buying a house are 2 of the most stressful things to do in life and I’m doing both. But you know what. We’re doing it! Day by day we’re getting closer to Christmas, slightly older and almost moving house but we’re doing it for our family because when it comes to family you’ll do anything for them. And every day your doing it. So mummies. Have some faith! Your doing great and they need you.

Your partner also needs you, he might be the strong one of the two of you just like joe is but he needs me! They need those cuddles and kisses just like you do. Even if some days you envy him being able to go to  work. Alfie I love you to peices Hun but I do miss socialising with people my own age instead of blowing raspberries and saying mama to you constantly.

It took me maybe 3 weeks to get out of the house after having Alfie I really needed to have those few weeks where I just stayed home and got to know my new born and got into the role of mummy and daddy. But honestly I would completely tell you try to get out as soon as possible. Don’t isolate yourself cus I’m pretty sure it’s so easy to get depressed etc. Never happened to me but I’m sure it could have if it wasn’t for joe and having such a chilled out baby. When I say chilled I mean when he was born they thought there was something wrong with him. He didn’t cry when he had pooed he didn’t cry when he was hungry.. it’s only recently he’s became a little devil child. Buy yourself a baby sling put the little tot in it and go for a walk. I’m telling you those baby slings are the best invention in the word and if you have a baby anything like mine he had jaundice so he needed to go out in the sun. We’re lucky having Alfie in August it was SOO warm so we could walk around in t-shirts and it only took a few days for his jaundice to just disappear..

supermom is the goal it’s not always how you feel.

As long as your doing your best.

Thanks for reading




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