About me

So if you don’t know I’m Emily, I’m a 21 year old mummy of one.. one being little Alfie.
I’m a fan of reeses, junk food, home decor, horror movies and being a tiny bit strange. But most of all my life was made when I met the perfect soul mate Joe.. since he came along my life has been kind of like a fairy tale. You will be seeing lots of reviews of products, foods and in general being a young mummy, I will be able to maybe put some young mums minds at ease about whether “I’m doing it right” when it comes to your baby. And just a quick tip if your (mum) doing it..your doing just great!
Into the new year you will also probably see us decorating, picking our home stuff and our select tastes. Joe says he has the same taste as me I just think he knows he doesn’t have an option!
With Christmas coming up I’m sure I could get some toy reviews etc and all things Christmassy!
Alfie; so he’s almost 3 months old, he loves baths with mummy bed time cuddles with mummy and daddy and being a little dream!
So I hope you find us interesting enough to read about us!!

thanks for reading lovelys! xx

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