Adapting to Daddy-hood.

Hey guys, so this time i struggled on what to do a “personal” blog about, and then i realised, it has been staring me in the face this whole time.. quite literally. Where to start? when i fell pregnant me and joe hadn’t been together long at all, when i say not long i mean a matter of a few months, but when we found out it was different to how i could have ever imagined. We wasn’t scared and there was no kind of discussion on what we would do because we knew that this is what we wanted, relatively early on we knew that we wanted to be together and we would do all the things that couples do. Our goals in life are both very similar, we wanted to get married, get a house have children in no particular order. So when we found out i was pregnant with Alfie nothing changed, i remember telling joe i was pregnant he looked me dead in the face had a smile from ear to ear and told me just how much he loved me. Throughout my pregnancy he was amazing because i was a TERRIBLE pregnant lady. We got engaged on my birthday which was the month i gave birth, we spent our 1 year anniversary in Birmingham Children’s hospital where Alf was rushed in for tests.

Anyway more to the point of this blog.

without Joe being my support team i wouldn’t have been able to cope i would have crumbled he has been the back bone of parenthood, Single moms I’ve got to hand it to you, you ladies are amazing. Joe had never changed a nappy, fed or even held a baby until we had Alfie, he picked everything up so well, and i could not be prouder of the man that he is. the fact that he makes our little boy smile every day it makes me so happy. Alfie can be a little devil all day but the second his daddy walks in he has a smile from ear to ear and he don’t want to know me.

I have to admit i am a very clingy mumma i hate leaving Alfie with anyone, anyone being his grandparents i don’t just leave him with random people i promise! haha. i honestly thought joe wouldn’t like always having a small person with us but he loves Alf being around even if it means he has to carry him all round asda while we do our shopping because he’s being grumpy in his pram.

Even though sometimes I wish I was the one going to work, i love the fact that joe has a reason as to why he’s doing it, for his little family that need him.

he spoils us every day.

he gives me time to myself when I’ve had a terrible day.

I fall more and more in love with him every day.

i’m so proud of the man he has become.

if there was one thing i want him to know it would be that i know me and Alfie can be absolute nightmares sometimes, but i wouldn’t want to be on this adventure with anyone else and I’ve never felt happier or more as though i have such a purpose, as a fiance, a mummy and a best friend, we love you more than anything Joe.

This was probably a very boring post but it’s purely to show my appreciation to my most wonderful husband to be.

thanks for reading





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