Hey there, so this is a very controversial subject so I’m going to keep it as light hearted as possible and just share my experiences my views etc.

You normally have two types of people in this world. The people who are totally happy to co sleep and the other type of people who are NOT okay with co-sleeping. Disagree right from the start. Whichever type of person you are.. your still a mum or dad and you know what’s best for your little baby.

Our experience.

Our son is 2 tomorrow and last night he slept the entire night in our bed. Right from day one me and my husband have been very against leaving our son with anyone for longer then an hour.. he’s never slept a night without us and I don’t expect this to change any time soon and we will be the same with the next baby. This then caused a lot of separation anxiety even when he was going into his cot right next to us (he was next to us till he was 1 because we lived at home). Take it back to when he was 5 weeks old he decided night feeds wasn’t for him so began sleeping through in his cot till he got to around 5 months.. some how come 5 months all of that changed. He decided it was much more comfortable in mummy and daddy’s bed so since then he’ll go down in his cot (now his bed) some nights he’ll sleep through, other nights when we go up to bed he’ll come to his gate..

I think being too harsh on a newborn that refuses to sleep in there cot/Moses basket is wasted energy. They are newborn. All they know is that they want to be as close to there mummy and daddy as possible. I mean they have been for the past 9 months, just because there now on the outside why should any of that change now! I don’t believe in strict routines for babies, I believe routine is key but not to the extent everything is at a certain exact time every evening etc.. I don’t believe in leaving your baby to cry it out at all really.. especially not before your baby is one, your baby is crying because he/she needs you not for no reason.. it’s also very dangerous for you to leave a baby to cry it out and in all honesty.. is a whole night sleep for my self worth listening to my little baby cry for hours? No. Is not!

Pros of co-sleeping-

  • You’ve gotta do what you have to do just to get some sleep.. and you know as soon as your baby is in your bed they will go straight to sleep!
  • There always near by if you are breast or bottle feeding.
  • If your a paranoid/panic’y mother there close enough to keep your eye on all night.
  • Saves space..

Cons of co-sleeping-

  • No midwife/health visitor is going to be okay with you co sleeping with your baby!
  • You will likely get kicked in the back/chest and head atleast once a night!
  • Potential risks SIDS etc!
  • No personal space for mummy and daddy.

Put it this way.. no matter what you decide to do or what your baby decides to do it’s ok. We’re all just winging motherhood.

I hope this is a little reassurance to those who co sleep!!

We love co sleeping!

Thank you for reading.

Emily xxx

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