Where’s my 2 year old at?

Hi guys. So I thought I would do an update more so to reassure mums? To reassure me? I’m not sure but when you get pregnant, When you have a baby it seems that everyone has a baby the same kind of age as you.. it’s so easy to get caught up in being competitive with them.

Someone put on instagram the other day that her son can count to ten? He’s just over 2.. he can count to 10? Are you taking the piss. Alfie can do 3 and sometimes I’m sure he’s just saying one over and over.

Sentences? No still just words. Lots of words but single words not sentences.. and sometimes trying to figure out what he’s saying is like morse code.

Potty training? Already? This genuinely stressed me out so much thinking Alfie was so behind with potty training until I found out most people don’t start till there children are 3+ to be fair the has been improvement in this area the past few weeks he tells me now when he needs to poo. He comes over to me and whispers poop.. he just cannot get to grips with the whole pants down kind of thing. It stresses him out. I’m not putting pressure on him. I’m happy with him progressing with it the way he is.

Eating? Alfie eats fairly healthy. He will sit and eat a pack of raspberries in one sitting but some times he won’t eat a meal properly if it hasn’t got chips on etc.. toast on the other hand is the complete opposite he will eat toast like no tomorrow!

Toys? He won’t sit quietly and play unless it’s his tablet he’s got. Some days it’s a battle for him to not have his tablet! Don’t get me wrong the tablet is a lifesaver when I’m trying to cook tea but I when we’re out and about etc and he starts yelling “GAM,GAM and GAM” and I know exactly what he wants.. bass boosted Thomas the tank. It’s exactly what your thinking it is.

I go shopping and see lots of toddlers sat in the stroller as good as gold.. Alfie? No chance. We go to the supermarket it takes one of us to chase him putting everything back on shelves he’s picked up! And the other one to throw everything we need in the trolley!

Sleeping? All children Alfie’s age seem to be sleeping amazingly well Alfie on the other hand seems to sleep in his own bed once in a blue moon.. the majority of the time he’s co sleeping with us. I do love co sleeping but I haven’t felt better then a night I’ve slept all the way through with no disturbances from a little person? He has got his own bed as he was too unsafe in his cot he could climb out of the top! Baby prison!!

Use of cutlery etc? He can use a spoon and a fork. He’s quite happy for you to do it for him though.. he drinks out of a normal cup without a lid the health visitor said that was pretty good?

Obsessions at the moment..

  • Thomas the tank theme tune only
  • The vacuum
  • The cockerel that lives next door to my nans house.
  • My aunties puppy Layla.. who has a love hate relationship with him she’s very licky and jumpy and actually he doesn’t want her anywhere near him but that doesn’t stop him screaming her name every time we leave the house.

Thanks for reading guys.

Emily xx


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