Have a baby they said..

Hey lovelies. 

I just thought I’d drop an update on me and my little family.. I say an update more like another “hidden truths” post, about having a baby! 

So when your pregnant you get told of all the exciting moments about having a baby “the walking, the talking the cuddles” 

No one! And I mean no one, tells you about your child being fed being clean and being played with but still SCREAMING at you. 

The sleepless nights. I was very lucky with Alfie because he sept through since he was maybe 6 weeks but I did not know how to cope with the night feeds I ended up sleeping downstairs most of the early days which is the biggest mistake I ever made! Now I take a tray up to our room with a flask to make his bottles in the night without waking him up to much. 

Bath times. The first time I put Alfie in the bath he screamed blue murder and it absolutely broke my heart! For real like he hated it. You read the books and it tells you to only run a shallow bath. In the end I spoke to my midwife about it and she recommended I filled the bath to his armpits, now I can’t get him out the bath! I think we forget that the little person we care so much about gets cold too! 

Co sleeping. No never ever will I ever do that again because if your like me you do not sleep with that little person in the same bed as your too scared of rolling over on to him! So now Alfie has his last bottle around 8 and whilst we watch tv in bed he comes in with us and then the second he falls asleep he goes into his cot. 

“You should give your baby cold bottles they won’t know any different” if your child is anything like Alfie he wouldn’t drink it cold! He HATED it and in the end he stopped drinking it. And not only that they seem to get so much wind that you can’t get up when it’s cold! 

The worrying. No one ever tells you when you first have your little person you don’t want ANYONE I mean anyone touching him other then you I mean even family! The little things he coughs.. what if he’s ill a heat rash what if it’s meningitis! Every little thing. 

The injections. Absolutely heartbreaking! My doctors also took forever to get us booked in! So his first injections he had to have 2 jabs and one liquid in his mouth so we started with the liquid of which he latched onto the syringe because it was so sugary! The screaming. It’s different to normal is heart breaking! 

Feeding. I always visioned breast feeding my lovely little boy. I understand things don’t always go to plan but I hated the fact i couldn’t feed my son. But I’ve come to terms with it now and it was for the best now he can bond with his daddy just as much as Mumma. 

I don’t quite know what this post was about other then a rant about early parent hood! 

Hope you enjoyed this.. see you soon 

Emily xx


4 thoughts on “Have a baby they said..

  1. I can relate to the part where you said ‘You visioned feeding your lovely little boy’, except mines is a girl lol but I hoped to breastfeed as well and that didn’t happen. I think it takes a toll on you at first and then you get over it once you come to the realization that once your baby is fed, that’s all that matters.


    1. I’m glad you can relate to my blog, this is why I started blogging because I want women and mothers to know they are not alone! my little boy is happy and healthy and constantly piling on the pounds that’s all that matters my lovely xx

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