Christmas bark!

Hey guys. So I know I updated yesterday and this isn’t technically an update it’s a recipe? Maybe without the cooking. So if you’ve got children this is good fun if your the child then awesome that’s why me and joe did it. So what’s first?


  • Chocolate.. we brought 3 bars of milk chocolate and 2 bars of white chocolate because that’s what we like you could use dark chocolate etc.
  • Grease proof paper to line the tin otherwise it’s going to be a ball ache to try and get it out the tin! 
  • A baking tray a skinny one as I call them! 
  • Toppings.. Lots and lots of toppings we used mini marshmallows, the silver baking balls, fizzers and gingerbread man! 

Method time. 

  1. You need to get a saucepan on a hob etc with water inside and then a bowl on top. This is what you will use to melt the chocolate without it burning!

2. Whilst the chocolate is melting use this time to break up your decorations I’d like us you used ginger bread and also put your greaseproof paper in your baking tray! 

3.once you have melted your milk chocolate and white chocolate Separately add your milk chocolate to the tray, spear it out and then slowly add your white chocolater, we tried to make a marble effect.. 

4. Next add the toppings of choice! The fun part!

5. Refrigerate for 2 hours roughly then break into peices to eat! 

We loved making the recipe and I can’t wait till Alf is big enough to help!  Hope have ago and enjoy!!! 

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