It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Hello there you lovely lot,

As most of you who read my blogs will know not only is it coming up to my favourite time of year it’s also coming up to D day. The day our second little boy enters the world. I’m 35 weeks pregnant now.. where has the time gone?! Considering I went into labour at 26 weeks he last 9 have flown by!!! Which can only be a good thing, we wasn’t expecting to get here. It’s great that we have but when someone tells you “it’s likely your going to have your baby within the next few weeks” and then going 9 weeks it’s kind of how can I explain.. daunting. I was really scared and I know it’s best for him to “carry on cooking” but I’d gotten myself so ready to have this baby and now he’s still not here. I have been booked in for a C section of which we’re not planning on telling anyone the date apart from the person who is elected to look after my little cherub when we go in.

I’m pretty big now, my ribs are sore my back is sore my hips are sore and so is my groin. Every symptom that could possibly be labour is straight on google checking.. my phone may aswel just say to me every time I go on browser.. girl your not having this baby any time soon! But no I’m constantly on edge every little niggle every ache everything.

He’s measuring bigger then Alfie was at this point. I have to go for another scan and internal soon to check out where my placenta is again as it is still low and hospitals knowing that 2nd babies come a lot quicker then first want to make sure that if I go into labour before my section date I can atleast give birth to him.

Christmas shopping. I’m done. Everything. Everyone’s. Done. Amazing I’m so pleased. Everything’s wrapped and ready to go. So come Christmas time we can deliver the presents and hopefully not be disturbed to much Christmas Day. My husband is cooking Christmas dinner as I’ll probably still be out of action/heavily pregnant. My house is still spotless thanks to good old nesting, it’s upsetting to think everything we wanted to do before the baby came e.g to do with the house, to go away before the baby came etc hasn’t been possible as I had to finish work early. I have officially finished work now I’m on maternity leave which is pretty exciting. Feels a little bit more real!

Alfie is still a nightmare come bedtime.. I constantly make excuses for him and the latest one is “he knows there’s a big change coming” the health visitor has told us not to start potty training until the new baby is here. The flu vaccine. You may be able to help me based on your opinions and experiences etc but alfies now 2 and they have offered to give him the flu vaccine (just a spray up the nose) I’ve declined this as I genuinely don’t think he needs it. Touch wood he’s not one to be ill regularly.. I just don’t see the point..

I know this wasn’t a very long one but I just wanted to give you an update on how things are going our end if you want to see a certain blog etc just drop me a comment or message and I’ll try and make it happen.

My instagram is @emhutchings95.

Thanks for reading!

Em xx

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