Terrible twos?

Hey guys, thought I’d do a little post for mums with a nearly/two year old. My son is 2 in August. As cute as everyone thinks that is.. it’s not cute at all. Some days. Most days I genuinely think to myself I wonder if I could sell him on eBay without being judged. No one warned me that these “terrible twos” started at like 1-1 and a bit.. at the moment my days go a little like this;

  • 8am-happy baby.
  • 8:10am-tantrum because he can’t decide on breakfast.
  • 8:20-breakfast
  • Shortly followed by another tantrum as he wants 71 yogurts.
  • 9am-play
  • 10am-potential nap..
  • 12am- lunch.
  • 12.30-tantrum for more yogurts including going to the fridge and throwing yogurts at me.
  • 1pm- play.

Need I go on. You get the picture. It’s aggression/tantrum central over here every day.. sometimes I go and visit family. Just so I he can play with something different. New location. New positive attitude.

Does anybody else’s child have a melt down when you say no? Does any body else’s child get angry until you say yes. Sometimes I say yes and give it just for my sanity.

I love being a mum. I can honestly say it’s the most rewarding thing I have ever/ever will do. But my god am I struggling at the moment. Someone tell me it gets easier!

My son is the funniest happiest little boy you’ll ever meet. When he’s not being a complete nightmare throwing himself onto the floor. Sometimes I blame myself and say “maybe it’s because he’s an only child” or maybe it’s because I work nights and 3 out of 7 days I’m too knackered to play with him. It breaks my heart thinking I’m the reason he’s acting the way he is. But I genuinely think it’s because he gets bored of me. He gets bored of me being too tired to want to play. Then when I haven’t been at work I’m playing catch up with, the house work, the laundry the tidying etc. I’m hoping to see a difference next week as both me and joe are off for the week as we are going on a family holiday. I cannot wait.

Does it make me not want anymore?

Absolutely not. He might tantrum some times he might get upset and angry but no matter what that kid is my world and I know it won’t last forever and I know it’s not him that’s behaving like that. Because my little boy lights up the room when he walks in, he makes everyone laugh and he genuinely puts a smile on my Face!

The point in this blog, basically is because I watch multiple YouTube vloggers (of which I LOVE) but you never see the tantrums the screaming etc. Why would they want to show that? But I want people to know that are in the same position as i am that it is normal and every mum is just winging every day and the ones that have managed to put there make up on and look pretty. There also winging it. Believe me. I used to put make up on and fake eyelashes because it was as if I had something to prove (Ive got this) but now? Your lucky if I leave the house after brushing my hair.

Sort of on the same subject I brought a jumper the other day that’s COMPLETELY sums mother hood up. On the front it says “tired mums club” isn’t that so close to the truth. I want to be in this club. I want to be an advocate for this club!! I’ll insert a picture of it here..


Your not alone mummas. You got this.

I’m here.


Emily xxx


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