28 weeks today!


We made 28 weeks! The reason for the excitement? Just after 26 weeks I went into preterm labour, I woke up around 1am from having contractions. They was a couple of minutes apart, I had all the signs of labour, I needed the toilet. URGENTLY!! I couldn’t believe it. I’d only just turned 26 weeks. Surely this shouldn’t be happening yet! Well anyway they went on through out the night. I rang triage the next morning when joe went off to work and they told me I’d need to go in (Ofcourse) so I rang joe. He came home and we took my son to his nans and made our way to triage. It was Saturday so it wasn’t massively busy. We was called in almost straight away and me being quite an embarrassed person my husband stayed in the waiting area. They monitored me for 25 mins. Baby was fine. I knew that already then I had to have an internal examination. Of which they told me my membranes was fine (my waters hadn’t gone) I didn’t know there was such thing but they then told me they would then do a FFN swab. They explained if it came back negative it would be more useful to them, because it meant I would definitely not go into labour within 2 weeks but if it came back positive it meant there would be a 50% chance of labour within 2 weeks. Mine came back positive so I was admitted there and then. (Not great as we was planning to go for a KFC) but they then gave me a steroid injections of which I’d need the second one 24 hours later. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I’ve never had an injection like it. I mean I’ve had over 20 peircings and tattoos, but nothing prepares you for the stinging that hits you! They don’t even lie and say it won’t hurt they said to me “it’s not very nice and it will hurt but it’s best for your baby” so the steroids help babies lungs develop enough so if he did decide to come early his internal organs would be ready but his body would need to catch up! The outcome, I’m off work sick, pretty sure I’ll be off until I go on maternity leave, I’m not allowed to do anything to stressful. To active. I’m not allowed to pick Alfie up. And if I get cramps tightenings etc I must go back. On the upside that was 2 weeks ago almost! And I’m still pregnant. And baby seems to be happy staying out for now, so every day as it comes I’m taking as a bonus, I’m 28 weeks today and that means 12 to go!! 3rd trimester starts here!!So back to the reason I made this blog it wasn’t to talk about preterm labour it was to give you an update really on how the past few weeks have been symptoms etc how I’ve been feeling and so on. Even though preterm labour was a massive part of the past few weeks how else am I feeling. I’m not as tired as I have been. Nowhere near!! I’ve had such a bad back, but I’m nowhere near as big as I was at this point when I was having Alfie! I’m just really achey. Everywhere! But a bath a night really helps relax my muscles. I’m almost completely ready for Christmas, I’m making the couples that we buy for hampers (just so it looks slightly more then what we’ve actually brought) I’ve brought quite abit for my husband as this will be my last pay day before my money goes on to sick money which is terrible!! So joes main presents are now done it’s just stocking fillers etc, Alfie is completely finished we’ve got all his presents. I tend to buy his over the year as and when they go on sale and I see something he’d like! But this year we’ve brought him an iPad. This wasn’t an easy decision but he’s learning so much from using his dads iPad so we SAVED and we’ve just brought him his own! But because I’m due 2 days after Christmas I’m very grateful that most people have said “save your money, you’ll need it”. So we haven’t gone overboard on buying for everyone. HINCH ARMY! I don’t know if it’s nesting or what but I’m so on this whole hinch army! I’m cleaning. Constantly. I love it. I love coming down stairs in a morning and everything looks perfect and smells lush (that would be the zoflora) Mrs Hinch is such an inspiration she makes it almost easy. Autumn is here. I LOVE Autumn it has to be my favourite time of year, Halloween, bonfire night, wooly jumpers, boots, muddy walks, leaves and CONKERS! I’m embracing it being pregnant this time of year, as it was summer I was having Alfie and it was horrendous because it was so hot! So I’m layering up in vests and Woolley jumpers and if get to hot I can just take a layer off!! We’ve taken Alfie conker picking for the first time. Me and my husband used to go when we was kids so it’s only right we take him and he loved it! I’m going to stop babbling now. Have a lovely day guys.


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