Where have we been?

Hi guys. So we have been so so busy that I havent had chance to write up a blog for you guys. I’m very sorry because apparently people actually like reading this? So what’s been going on?

Well firstly we got pregnant. After months of trying and being told I wouldn’t be able to conceive again it happened.

We got married, the planning and stressing came to an end. Finally and we “tied the knot”

We went away to London on our “honeymoon”.

And the house has been up in the Air trying to make sure we can finish the main rooms before baby comes.

I’ll work my way down the list, we started trying for a baby end of last year, I had lots of hospital trips and doctors visits for them to tell me that the fibroid I had when I was pregnant with Alfie would stop me from conceiving or make it extremely difficult. I had to go for an ultra sound of which they told me it had gone.. so why are we still struggling to conceive? It got me down so much. It broke my heart over and over and upset me no end. I decided to forget all about it. I decided I wasn’t going to be heart broken every time I thought about more children. Fast forward to April.. my best friend was pregnant, I rarely got to to see her as I now didn’t work at the same place as her and she worked days and I work nights. Because I hadn’t seen her for so long I had accumulated so much stuff for her baby. So much. But then when we was both off work we decided to meet up for a coffee. I was so excited to see her. I was so excited to see her big fat bump!! I was so proud and pleased for her because it’s exactly what she wanted.. when I saw her I said to joe “isn’t she glowing” she looked beautiful! Pregnancy really suited her. It was very good to her. All the present opening and baby talking came to an end 2 coffees later and a sore throat. I waved her off at the car park and that feeling Of upset of not having another baby struck me. I got into the car and stared out of the window, I said to joe “can we go and get some pregnancy tests and start trying again” he didnt mind. As long As I’m happy joe doesn’t mind in the slightest. So I rushed into the pound shop whilst joe waited outside and brought a pack of 2 pregnancy tests. I took one and left one for when I was due on next time. It was Saturday and I was due on Monday. I knew I wasn’t pregnant but I like to do a test before we start trying again to be sure. I did my test held it whilst I finished having a wee not paying any attention at all I glimpsed down and it was there.. the second line was there? What? How?

I shouted joe to come into the bathroom and was overjoyed. He looked at it. Without any emotion and said “take another tomorrow to be certain”. I said ok. I took one later that night and I got the deal sealer clear blue the next morning. The outcome.. positive,positive and positive. A few weeks later I visited the midwife who did my usual booking appointment, and worked out that I’m due 29th December. I then had my first scan of which they confirmed I’m due 27th December 18′. Christmas baby! I had a private scan at 17 weeks to tell me I’m having another little boy and I also had my routine 20 week scan where they check everything, they do every measurement etc, they clarified we are having a baby boy.. I’m now 21 weeks pregnant still working nights and still looking after our gorgeous little boy.

The wedding, I started planning our wedding back when I had a week off in January and decided I was going to book all the main bits and just sort the not so big bits out as we went along. And that’s exactly what we did. I booked the town hall, the registrar and the after venue. We decided we didn’t want a big party and if anything we wouldn’t have had anything after the wedding but families decided that we should have one.. so we had an afternoon tea. It was lovely it was 28 degrees on our wedding day. Doesn’t sound too hot but oh my god. It was. It was horrendous. I genuinely remember sitting down to sign my maiden name for the last time and sweat dripping down my back. We had a budget wedding. We didn’t have much money but we knew we wanted to get married. Family members paid for this and that and we paid for the rest. It was lovely. I got to marry the man that has made my world complete.

When someone suggested a honeymoon we laughed because we’re not the romantic type and when you have a 2 year old nearly it’s hard to be. But joes mum said “why don’t you go to Devon or something” this was maybe a month before the wedding.. Devon didn’t sound appealing. We go every year.. but London on the other hand. Is where a little piece of me lies. I love it there. I first went when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Alfie and we did all the tourist things,the London eye etc.. and then after that it was a place we’d go back to for each other. For example. Joes 20th birthday I took him to London. So we decided London was the one. Joes parents decided that this would be our wedding present from them.

Little did we know they’d booked the luxury hotel park plaza which was right next to Westminster bridge. It was lovely, we went to shreks adventures. Which I wouldn’t advise with young children it scared the life out of him.

It was amazing though. 2 nights with our little boy and my new husband.

Whenever we go away it’s the only time we can get people to do anything to our house as the dog isn’t there..(she’s a nightmare) so when we went to Devon someone stripped the lounge for us and painted and decorated our room and then when we went to London someone came and plastered the lounge.. great but plaster dust..not so great. It’s horrendous the house is a state. No one can come to decorate till we go to Disney in September! But atleast it’ll be done before the baby comes.

Anyway I hope this post wasn’t too boring for you and I hope you enjoyed it.

If there’s anything you want to see/know just let me know.

Thanks guys.



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