Families the word.

Hey everyone, thanks for coming back. As promised on my Facebook I’ve got An update for you all. I had to read back the last blog I did to see where we was in life, so where are we.. April already after suffering January long-ness up until now I don’t know where the months after have gone. They’ve just flew by!!
Joe turned 21.. We went to France. Which was absoloutly amazing. To anyone that hasn’t been skiing but wants to go to the French’s alps. Don’t go to the snowdome on a “learn to ski in a day” course and expect to get out there on real snow and be an Olympic skier, trust me it just doesn’t happen. I went all Johnny big balls went to 50 meters and attempted to ski down with joe, put it this way I fell numorous amounts of times got my skis off had a tantrum on the slopes and walked back down. After that little set back I got better (I promise) and managed to ski every day for an hour or so, it was wonderful and the most amazing experience, and where we stayed was a little village it was ski in and ski out. Literally to and from the front door! It was called les arc 1950 honestly it was the best ever experience. What else has happened. My best friend has found out she’s pregnant. The fact I’m jealous is a massive understatement but she deserves this she’s going to be the most amazing mummy. We’ve booked a trip to Devon for June.. a trip to Disney land for September and a trip to Ibiza for next September. I really would like to start video blogging before then because as I’m constantly saying we have so much excitement going on it would be pretty cool for you to join us and for us to be able to look back on when the kids are older. We’re getting married in July 2 months. 2 months.. I will never get over the fact I am getting married in 2 whole months. Like what on earth?! The planning is finally nearly complete, my NVQ is also nearly complete. So I’m looking forward to the whole year. My husband to be is now a qualified gas engineer. And I’m so proud of him. So proud of everything he has accomplished it can’t have been easy for him because there’s so much that could have side tracked him. Becoming a father. Becoming a home owner and being a family. And running a business whilst working for his dad and spending enough time with his family. Right now I’ve done an update on our life I need you guys to decide what you want a blog about this could be out of.. what I’m packing to go away for a week with a toddler or a where we are so far getting our son into his own bed.
Let me know my instagram is @Emrussell95
And my Facebook is Emily Russell. Thank you for catching up with me guys.
Em xxx


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