1 month down 11 to go.

Hey guys, so I thought I’d give you a little update on us.

I’m currently In the process of starting a YouTube channel because we have an exciting year ahead of us. It’s joes 21st birthday this month we go to France skiing next month we’re getting married in July and it’s Alfie’s 2nd birthday in August. I’m 23 in July too but I’m not to bothered about that. Which is why I want to start a YouTube for the people that would like to join us for the ride.

Where to start.. so we are actively trying for another baby which is hard when the contraceptive injection messes your body up so bad. Like for real if anybody is thinking about having it well.. DONT. When I was on the injection a lot like since I’ve been off it I’ve had none stop bleeding but what can the doctors do when your “actively trying to conceive” my doctor is a little lost on what he thinks will be best. But hey I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. On a brighter note I had a day at the snow dome last weekend 9-5 of learning to ski, joe seems to be amazing at everything I try to keep up but skiing. Well it’s tiring to say the least. This weekend we haven’t got much planned of which we’re glad about because we just want to chill on our own and just have some much needed family Time.

January, for real felt like it went on FOREVER. like really is there 861 days in January because it sure felt like it. I’m still working full time on night. Yawn I know. But we’ve gotta pay the bills some how. We are still in the process of renovation. We pulled our carpet up the other day just because we felt like it. And underneath was some amazing quarry tiles (if you don’t know what they are I’ll attach some pics) of which we have scrubbed up and we love them! We built Alfie’s big boy bed.. yes we did and don’t I just love it. I got him some Emma bridge water bedsheets and it looked beautiful. Do you think he’ll sleep in it. Absolutely not. He’s got time yet I’m just going to let him do it all at his own pace. We had a log burner fitted. It’s great! It’s cut down our gas bill because we’re not having the heating on so much and like my partner says “while your getting wood for free we’re not paying anything for heating!” Never a wider word joe, we popped into a few factory’s to ask them what they was doing with the pallets that they leave out in front and they all said the same “if you see them,take them” to factories and businesses there just a burden to us it’s our heating!!!

I did a short nursery tour on my Instagram story but if you’d like me to do a written more detailed one let me know.

I hope I’ve kept it short sweet and a little bit interesting!

Emily xxx

Instagram; @emrussell95

YouTube @Emrussell


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